Thursday, October 20, 2011

boys room


Today on october the 20th, i learned a alot about foreign culture. First we visted the Hellenic museum, i learned that for greeks, food is the most important thing for them besides remembering their culture. the greeks came over in many different waves over to chicago making them a major influence on chicago culture. Besides that i dont remember much besides the cool trogan horse and Dr. Sheer walking into the glass door. i think i was one of 3 people to witness it and im glad i did. second place was mosque and i learned alot about the muslim culture and especially about how their are proven facts in the Qur'an that i didn't know about. Mcdonalds was good. We tried to go to the Field museum but our cab driver was retarded and took us to the wrong place. he proceeded to yell at us for him being wrong. Once we got to the field museum after what seemed like forever we walked around for and hour and a half viewing interesting things in the field museum. i learned a lot about the african culture and go reminded about 9/11. We tried to leave to go China town but our cab drivers again were being dumb so we had to stand in the rain for awhile to find a nice guy in a denali to take us to eat. China town was fun actually and i want to visit again. I'm a pro at chop sticks i found out. When we got down with China town we went to a symphony, which besides the long break between songs when i didn't know to clap or not and making fun of people for sleeping was actually pretty fun. although i didn't get to see a trombone player like i wanted to see.

We had a very busy day today. For starters we went to the Hellenic museum. The museum was not yet complete, but we had a nice presentation about Greek culture. I learned a lot about Greeks I did not know. Food is very important to them and lunch is the biggest meal. Greeks were discriminated against when first coming to the U.S. I also learned that Dr. Sheere can't see glass doors. Next we went to the Islam center. I learned so much about the Islam religion. I never knew how much alike us Christians are to Muslims. It was an eye opening experience for me. Next we had a quick lunch at the Mcdonalds across the street. It was also a new experience for me since the Mcdonalds was two stories tall. It was a nice lunch, even though I didn't get my drink. The field museum was up next. It was very interesting and I learned a lot. My favorite exhibit was the wildlife exhibit. After waiting for what seemed like years, in the cold rain, we finally made it to china town for dinner. It was fantastic. I had been to many Chinese places in my life, but never an authentic one. The tables were really interesting as they turned so everyone could help themselves. It was also very interesting to see everyone's feeble attempt at using chopsticks. We then got on the L after one of our companions had a panic attempt after thinking she was stuck in a revolving door. We went to the symphony which honestly I was not a a big fan of. After a long cold day being in the warm theater with soothing music made me extremely drowsy. It was entertaining looking at the diverse fans that attended.

First we attended the Hellenic museum. It was an enlightening experience because I did not know that much about Greek culture. She explained a lot about why they immigrated here and about the Greek customs. I also learned that they have a siesta in the middle of the day like the Spaniards do. After the Hellenic museum we went to the Islamic center. This was not as big of an experience for me because I have learned a lot about the Muslim religion when I went to the one in St. Louis my sophomore year. I did learn a few things about the Qur'an and about their pilgrimage. When we had lunch at McDonald's it was the first time I had ever eaten at a two story McDonald's, which was pretty interesting. After Lunch we went to the field museum. I had a pretty good time seeing all of the artifacts and history that they had available. I learned a lot about the early Americans, Egyptians, and about Tibetan culture. Waiting outside the field museum in the rain for a cab was not the best experience, but I got through it. We were finally able to get a ride to the Triple Crown Plaza to enjoy some authentic Asian cuisine. It was served family style, which was not a new experience, but it was enjoyable either way. The last stop on the trip was the Chicago symphony orchestra. I am not that into classical music, but this was a pretty good concert. The worst part was trying to concentrate on the terrible seats, but it was pretty enjoyable.

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